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aku yang bernama suzieapai

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Light from above...

The benefits of having abundant daylight in our homes are well known in our society. Researchers said that having abundant daylight, students learn better, adults feels better (less moody and down), and we have less trouble reading and getting around when rooms are filled with natural light. But aside that, it’s obvious that living and working in a naturally brightly lit space just makes life feel better.

Who says? If you had to choose between a gloomy, dark environment and a bright, well-lighted one, which would it be?

Natural light comes into most homes through openings including doors and windows if there are enough of them. And if they are placed properly, they can do an adequate job of admitting light.

Light from above makes all rooms more functional and livable. Our kitchens become more enjoyable for our family when they are bright, cheerful and free of cooking odors and heat and when moisture is allowed to escape.

While considering the “feel good” reasons for adding light from above throughout our homes, there are also economic considerations. When we’re enjoying the new functionality of rooms filled with natural light, we can know that we’ve made a good decision from an energy efficiency standpoint, as well. Less electricity bills monthly!

I still remember my kampong folks open their windows early in the morning to let daylight enter their homes. Some say allowing daylight in is like allowing abundant rezeki to come your way. In that sense…open up your homes, make more windows and don’t block rezeki from coming your way!

**copy paste from darmocottage! Thanks sis for dis n3..

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watie said...

perggh bahasa org putih jenuh aku dok eja keh keh keh

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